TRUST GOD

LYRICS: by Paula Vega Vondenstein©2019

When life does not make sense
Trust God
When your world comes crumbling down
Trust God
When you’re at the end of your rope
Trust God

When you’ve lost your life long spouse
Trust God
When you’ve lost that perfect job
Trust God
When your bank account runs dry
Trust God

When your doctor has bad news
Trust God
When you’ve lost your only child
Trust God
When your spouse walks out on you
Trust God
When your best friend takes his life
Trust God

I know it’s easier said than done
But you’ve got to trust God
When it’s the hardest thing to do
You’ve got to trust God

Trust Him with your heart
All your mind
All your strength
Trust Him with everything you’ve got
He will see you through
mmm Yes He will
Some things we will never understand
This side of heaven
But God…God sees the big picture
Seek Him in all things
Trust Him in all things
Trust God in all things

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