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August 18, 2020

Release Date: August 18, 2020

Bible Belt Blues’s Original Gospel Blues Songs, “Seeker of My Very Soul” and “I Didn’t Take Time to Pray” are included in the newly released BONGO BOY RECORDS’s Compilation Album “CONSECRATION REVIVAL VOL. 1” Thank You Jesus!  You can purchase the album HERE.  

New Song Released August 10th, 2020
"Mighty Warriors for Christ"
by Bible Belt Blues

As Christians do we find ourselves cowering in our daily walk, not wiling to speak the name of Christ, not willing to evangelize the lost? What causes a Christian to be lukewarm and lackluster in their daily walk with Christ? Could there be a correlation between a lukewarm Christian and how churches handle their invitation calls? Bible Belt Blues’ new song, “Mighty Warriors for Christ” is a provocative wake-up call to the churches and a battle cry for all Christians to become Mighty Warriors for Christ! The need is great! The time is now!

New Song Released July 15th, 2020
by Bible Belt Blues

We live in a material world where our value is often linked to our accumulation of things. Our lust for more things drives us to work longer hours to make more money so we can buy more things that have no eternal value whatsoever. Our new Bible Belt Blues song, “Can’t Take It With You” will challenge its listeners to rethink and reshape their attitudes about money so they can loosen up that grip and give freely to others who are in need and to the things of God; ultimately shifting their mindset from the temporal to the eternal. Thank You, Jesus!

"Can't Take Away My Joy"
Spiritual Warfare Song by Bible Belt Blues
Released: May 26, 2020

We all have people like this in our lives who are determined to burst our bubble when we are so excited about embarking on a new project or when a door has finally opened up for us that we have worked so hard for. They are often times used by Satan and his minions to circumvent the calling God may have placed upon our lives. Gutsy and brave, yet biblically sound, this Bible Belt Blues song, “Can’t Take Away My Joy” speaks directly to those spirits in people while it reassures the listener that they can only find joy and peace in Christ despite how others treat them.

Calming Instrumental Music (Released May 7, 2020)

My husband, Harold, just recorded the most amazing piece of instrumental music which I named, “A Quiet Place of Peace & Comfort.” Guaranteed to help you unwind and get your mind off your troubles and into a calm place of peace and restoration for your soul. It has been recorded in the Key of David that many researchers say will help stimulate creativity as well as aid in physical and emotional healing..!! It is a slow bluesy style with a bit of 70’s retro mixed in for good measure..!! Time to turn off the negative news, get in a quiet place, kick your feet up, and enjoy! (55 minutes long) https://www.websites.rocks/music-store

"I Pledge Allegiance to My Jesus"
by Bible Belt Blues
Released: May 1, 2020

Our new Bible Belt Blues song, “I Pledge Allegiance to My Jesus” was a labor of love for both Harold and I as we poured our hearts and souls into our very first song about the Cross..!! CD Baby had not yet finished production, but we decided to release it anyway, as promised for May 1st since the message is so crucial for such a time as this..!! This song turned out to be everything we had hoped it would be…Thank You Jesus..!! To God be the Glory..!!

Music Team


Composer; musician; performer; audio MIXING/MASTERING


lyricist; songwriter; producer; marketing; Creative editor

Bible Belt Blues believes in the power of Christian Music as an Evangelical Tool to Win Lost Souls for Christ. We invite you to partner with us as we seek to stir up a Holy Revival across the globe. Please support our Bible Belt Blues' Music Ministry with a Purchase of our CD's at the CD Baby Store online. Physical CD's are available for purchase at our events. Thank you kindly! Blessings to you!

"My God, My God"

Released June 1, 2019


Are You Ready?

Fasten your seat belts as Bible Belt Blues’ high energy, BB King blues style song, “Are You Ready?” transports you to a much higher level of expectation where supernatural miracles are within the realm of possibility. Take your faith to a much higher level as you dive in deep to experience its jolting lyrics and belting vocals. Prepare your heart and mind to witness a shaking that this world has never known..!!                                                                                                       


Holy Revival

Imagine what it would have been like to be one of Jesus’ followers who were gathered together in one accord, after His ascension into Heaven, awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost! With lyrics and vocals portraying hearts that are humbled, prayerful, and fully repentant, Bible Belt Blues recreates a place of holy reverence for the Holy Spirit to feel welcome in their new song, “Holy Revival.” Close your eyes as you fully experience the violent rushing wind (at the end of the song) as the Holy Spirit is depicted in Acts 2:2.


My God, My God

With its captivating rhythmic beat and its unbridled vocals overflowing with reverence, love, and gratitude to God, “My God, My God,” by Bible Belt Blues is the quintessential worship song. With its soft blues undertones and a style appealing to multiple music genres, “My God, My God” was created to capture the essence of the heart of worship. “A Testimony in a Song..!!                                        


If You Only Knew

“If You Only Knew” by Bible Belt Blues explores the extravagant and unapologetic depth of love and gratitude to one’s Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who has forgiven them so much and saved them for His very own. This song captivates its listener with its smooth rhythmic blues music and its reassuring message that we serve a God of second chances Who is ready to forgive us even our most grievous sins.


Down The Rabbit Hole

With the song, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” Bible Belt Blues is attempting to do the unthinkable: to craft a full-fledged repentance song with a captivating slow blues beat, special effects, and dynamic vocals that totally envelop its listener, allowing them to experience a truly repentant heart, which is an integral part of the Salvation process.                                                                                        


I Know It's Easy

It’s easy to justify our sin, especially when no one is looking. As Christians we are called to be holy and to walk away from sin.  Bible Belt Blues’ new song release, “I Know It’s Easy” is written in conversation style between two friends where one is sharing the details of his or her sin, while the other is standing firm that sin is still sin, regardless of whether or not anyone sees it. A real eye-opener of a song with belting lyrics wrapped in 70’s retro style blues.   


The Only Way To Heaven

Bible Belt Blues’ powerful invitation song, “The Only Way to Heaven,” dives in deep to tackle the false belief system that we can somehow earn our way into Heaven by doing enough good works. With bold, yet compassionate lyrics, its weeping harmonica, and heart-wrenching vocals, the Truth about Salvation through Jesus Christ is laid bare for all who have ears to hear.


Fool Did You Not Know

Unfortunately, many people live their lives focused on worldly gain without giving much thought to God and to their eternity. With its weeping harmonica and jolting lyrics based upon the Parable of the Rich Fool, “Fool, Did You Not Know?” by Bible Belt Blues is a wake-up call to anyone who lives their life without God. Today is the day of Salvation..!! Don’t’ delay..!!


We Are The Body of Christ

All Christians are members of the Body of Christ, but each with their own special gifts to contribute. With its upbeat Bentonia blues resembling the sound of a marching band, “We Are the Body of Christ” by Bible Belt Blues will challenge its listener to discover their own spiritual gifts and find an area where they can serve.                                                                                                      


Teach Me to Number My Days, Lord

Guaranteed to grab your attention with its jolting lyrics, foreboding music, and special vocal effects, “Teach Me To Number My Days, Lord” by Bible Belt Blues is the ultimate “wake-up call” song. Life has a way of sneaking up on those who live their lives focused on pleasure and the temporal things of this world. “Teach Me To Number My Days, Lord” challenges its listeners to live their lives daily fully surrendered to Christ with an eternity mindset.


Trust God

It is easy to trust God when everything is going well in life; It is often times difficult to trust God when our world comes crumbling down. With its compassionate lyrics, slow rhythmic blues, and weeping harmonica, “Trust God” by Bible Belt Blues will envelop you as you learn to trust God during very difficult life situations. A powerful song of healing and restoration.                                                                                                                                                                           


Holy Revival (Long Version)

Imagine what it would have been like to be one of Jesus’ followers who were gathered together in one accord, after His ascension into Heaven, awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost! With lyrics and vocals portraying hearts that are humbled, prayerful, and fully repentant, Bible Belt Blues recreates a place of holy reverence for the Holy Spirit to feel welcome in their new song, “Holy Revival.” Close your eyes as you fully experience the violent rushing wind (at the end of the song) as the Holy Spirit is depicted in Acts 2:2.

"I'm Not Ashamed To Be a Christian"

Album released January 5, 2019


Seeker of My Very Soul

How do you witness to someone who is successful on the surface, but is living their life on their own terms without God? You shake them out of their complacency, like Bible Belt Blues has done with their song, “Seeker Of My Very Soul,” that starts with these surprisingly bold lyrics: “I’m master of my own domain, I’m going nowhere fast.” Coming face to face with the majesty and glory of God, the listener is at a pivotal place of possible surrender to the “Creator of the Universe.” Wrapped in rhythmic Bentonia style blues, “Seeker Of My Very Soul” continues along this same path with lyrics that are even bolder: “It’s time for me to step down from the throne of my own life and give Jesus His rightful place.”


Soften My Hardened Heart

Bible Belt Blues’ eleventh song release, “Soften My Hardened Heart,” is an actual prayer to prepare the listener to receive their Salvation through total surrender to Jesus Christ. I wrote this song to be used in churches as an Invitation Song. We pray the Holy Spirit of God uses this song in a mighty way!


We Worship the King of Kings

Bible Belt Blues’ twelfth song release, “We Worship the King of Kings” explores what Heaven will be like as people of all color from every tribe, nation, and tongue come together to worship King Jesus! (Revelation 7:9)


Into The Arms of Jesus

With upbeat lyrics and a surprising harmonica solo, Bible Belt Blues’ eighth song release, “Into The Arms of Jesus,” illustrates the process of sanctification for a Christian as we become molded and shaped into the image of Christ.  Thank You Jesus. 


God’s Not Through With You

What words of encouragement would you give to someone who is on the brink of suicide? Bible Belt Blues’ first song release, “God’s Not Through With You,” addresses this question with sympathetic yet powerful lyrics that could potentially be life-saving for someone who is seriously depressed. Share a Song! Save a Life!


I Didn’t Take Time To Pray

With bold, unforgettable lyrics enveloped in Bentonia blues style music mixed with a little 70’s retro, “I Didn’t Take Time To Pray” is both hauntingly beautiful and confrontational for those who struggle with making the time for daily prayer.


I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian

Bible Belt Blues’ seventh song release,”I’m Not Ashamed To Be A Christian,” encourages Christians to live our lives with boldness in sharing our faith and unwavering allegiance to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who saved us from the penalty of our sin.


A Life That Glorifies You


Bible Belt Blues’ song, “A Life That Glorifies You,” captivates its audience with its early Bentonia blues Skip James style and lyrics that are not your typical worship lyrics! A “Sermon in a Song.”


It’s for Your Wedding Day

Our second song release for Bible Belt Blues takes a strong stand to promote celibacy before marriage! It’s a catchy tune with upbeat lyrics spoken from a parent figure to a young lady to wait until her wedding day!


The Glory Belongs To You, Lord

Our third song release for Bible Belt Blues, “The Glory Belongs To You, Lord,” is both remorseful and reverential. Harold plays the harmonica in this song and he even makes it weep!


Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

With upbeat sing-a-long lyrics, Bible Belt Blues’ thirteenth song release, “Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” explores Biblical truth that we can only find joy in the midst of all our suffering through Christ who strengthens us!


It’s Not About Me

Riveting, remorseful, and reverential is how I would describe our latest Bible Belt Blues song,”It’s Not About Me,” which chronicles the story of a self-absorbed person coming face to face with the power, glory, and majesty of God! One of my favorites!